August 13, 2012

Why All Kids Need Musical Instruments

As many of you know, I’ve always been musically inclined. I learned to play a select list of Christmas songs on the piano when I was in grade school. I took to the guitar in high school, writing teenage angst songs that caused my mother to say to me, “I didn’t realize you knew so many big words! That high school English class is really paying off.” And now, in the twilight years of my rock-and-roll career, I’m a professional shower singer, belting out tunes that impress my wife—well, would impress my wife if my wife were impressed by the savory theme songs of classic 80s sitcoms (especially this one).

The musical genes are ingrained in my DNA, which means they are also ingrained in the DNA of my daughters, which is unfortunate for my wife. You see what I hear as beautiful music my wife mistakenly interprets as “super loud, obnoxious noise.” She claims it gives her things like “headaches” and “a reason to drink.” But to me, it’s an extension of what is right in the world.

You see, my kids are growing up way too fast. My oldest daughter is about to start kindergarten any day now. My middle daughter starts preschool in the fall. My youngest daughter is communicating using sign language, able to sign the words “more” and “please” and “I’m hiding my finger in a hole on my face and you have to guess which one.” (Hint: It’s her nose.)

Musical instruments bring music into the home and bridge the language barrier from kid to adult. They are something we can all play, even if not very well, so long as we’re willing to try and have some fun. That’s why I encourage it to great lengths. That’s also why I bring to you the very first video from the band Bring Back Balki Bartokomous (aka “4B”) called “We’re Making Noise.”

(Obviously they get their lyric-writing skills from me.)


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Juliann said...

If I'd had liquid in my mouth when I read "Balki Bartokomous," I would have sputtered. What a blast from the past.

Thanks for another chuckle.

Anonymous said...

What noise? Sounds like beautiful music to me!

Maria's Meandering Mind said...

all in its place and time. That was magic.

Woz said...

i want a signed copy of their EP when it's released.


balki's gal

Amarjeet Prasad said...

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rent musical instruments said...

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Michele said...

Can I hire you to babysit my son with a drum set?

Monica Carter Tagore said...

Oh, how cute!

They do grow up pretty fast, though when you're in the midst of sleepless nights you probably don't think so.

What a great way to capture those random moments of adorable, lovable action. Love the blog.

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James Norris said...

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