October 30, 2013

So What Does the Most Awesome Dad Dress As For Halloween?

Captain Handsome, of course. (With my sidekick, Supergirl!) 

It's worth noting that my Supergirl sidekick made me search around the house for a blue shirt, red shorts, black tights (yes, I own a pair) and a black long-sleeve t-shirt just so we'd match. She knows a thing or two about looking good. Perhaps I'm actually her sidekick.

Also, The Most Awesome Mom went as Mickey Mouse to complement our little Minnie. It's safe to say there is no cheese left in our house.

Finally, our eldest daughter decided to buck the duo trend and go as a cheerleader. This marks the first year she's chosen to be anything other than a Disney princess, so I consider this a big win. Plus, the pompoms can double as a weapon (The U.S. government reports that pompoms are the #2 cause of eyeball-poke-related injuries, just after the Three Stooges Double-Finger Point). Only one member of our family has avoided the injury thus far. HINT: It's the person holding the pompoms.

Happy Halloween everybody! Would love to know what you and your family are dressing as this holiday season.


Amanda Shayne Aszman said...

Love the costumes!

I don't yet have kids, but when my little sister went as a cheerleader last Halloween, I too was glad to see something other than a Disney princess! This year... I think she's going to be a character from a Disney show. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

Lynn said...

As an editor myself, I dressed for a company contest as the superhero "Super Editor.' My icon is the delete symbol and my slogan is "I delete crime!"

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh - too cute!!

Karen Gough said...

Happy Halloween to you and your adorable family!

Mahala Church said...

So nice to see the light side of our heroes. All four of your girls are adorable.

Andrea Prescott said...

I really loved this and your description was flawless.

You really are a great dad and you two look like wonderful parents. So good that you have a fantastic family and a happy one too!

I wouldn't trade my three (2 teenagers and 1 preteen) for anything. Each stage of their lives has been a learning curve for me. I do miss those ages though.

Happy Halloween.
Thanks for sharing this.

Lori said...

Adorable! Oh, and your wife and girls are cute too. LOL! Happy Halloween.

Anil said...


I stay far far away - in another part of the world - but your one photo made me understand the spirit of halloween as followed in US. Beautiful.

com6063 said...

My son was an FBI agent and my daughter was a peacock. They looked great!